Endoscopy is a method which is increasingly used in order to look inside the machine. This method provides rapid, inexpensive  and non-destructive visual inspections. It also gives the engineers and users chance to get information about places which are impossible or very hard to reach.

Our highly qualified technicians and high quality digital tools can help to get information about conditions, make periodical observations, or ensure early recognition of defects.

We specialize in endoscopy of diesel engines, turbines, and gearboxes. We can also carry out inspections on other kinds of ship machines. After testing, our specialist can help you define the condition of your system and make a schedule of repairs to prevent further damage.



CAT electronic technician

CAT electronic technician is a software to diagnose engines and machines of Caterpillar.
This software allows connect with Electronic Control Module (ECM) to diagnose problem, configure settings, perform an adaptation. This software allows to connect with an Electronic Control Module (ECM) to diagnose the problem, configure settings, and perform an adaptation. The software includes the following functions:

  • Active Codes Status
  • Logged Codes Status
  • Active Parameters Status
  • Diagnostic Test and Calibration
  • Current information: Fuel Consumption, Operating Hours
  • Print Result and Report
  • and many more…

Vibration after overhauling

Vibration causes a reduction in durability, reliability and accuracy of the machine. Vibrations are also an excellent source of information because the analysis of the vibration signal allows to define the technical condition before and after overhauling.

When it comes to rotating devices, the weakest parts of them, which very often cause failures of the machine, are bearings. That is why these parts should be specifically monitored in order to avoid failures.

Using vibration diagnostics allows to gain the most accurate information on the actual status of the device in comparison with other diagnostic methods. Many years of experience have shown that properly gathered and processed vibration signals are the broadest and most reliable way of getting information about the technical condition of the machine. Most importantly, the data is collected in a non-invasive manner.


Timing adjustment

In process of setting the piston position angle in relation to the crankshaft angular velocity, an auto-ignition in the combustion chamber occurs near the end of the compression stroke.

Settling the correct ignition timing is a critical parameter for the engine. Incorrect regulation of ignition is often responsible for excessive vibrations and even engine damage. Suitable ignition timing provides engine longevity, fuel economy and improved engine power. There are many factors that affect proper ignition timing for a given engine. Usually, any significant changes or updates of the engine will require adjustments to the engine ignition timing.