Overhaul of fuel pump

Our experienced and skilled technicians can overhaul main and auxiliary engine fuel pumps on board, or remove fuel pumps from vessels, transport them to our workshop, and fit them back after overhauling.

Also we can calibrate and set fuel pumps on board vessels. We work with trusted suppliers.


Gas monitoring system

The working temperature of engines is a very important parameter. The temperature of inlet and outlet gases is one of the critical parameters of newer diesel engines. Control of the temperature can help to extend the time between overhauls.

Our company can provide and install modern systems for gas monitoring for all types of diesel engines. This system helps to gain information about the temperature of gas exhaust and allows constant analysis. Moreover, you can store data to analyze them later.

By installing this system, you can:

  • verify the costs and levels of fuel consumption
  • reduce service and repair costs by controlling the current state of an engine
  • monitor important parameters of the working engine
  • avoid sudden malfunctions of an engine

Combustion process – crosschecks and analysis

Control and analysis of the combustion process is a method whereby we can get information about the parameters of working engines. If we have the parameters we can define the condition of the engine and engine parts.

Our digital measurement tools give us information about:

  • State of piston rings
  • Engine cylinder compression
  • Condition of injectors
  • Condition of injector pump
  • Type of combustion process (complete, uncomplete)

Benefits from control and analysis of the combustion process will:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve performance and reliability of your engines
  • Achieve minimal downtimes for maintenance and repairs
  • Ensure operation safety

Calibration of injector pumps